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Skateboards serve many people for several different purposes, the main reason is to RIDE them-become one with the board on the inviting concrete in parks and on street or the warm feel of a ramp, not to mention the hype feeling of grinding over pool coping! When the board is trashed after many session at spots you had the raddest time at, DO NOT retire it, instead create a new life with the board! Add some sugar and spice with a touch of imagination and magic, resulting in a conversation piece that you proudly hang on a wall in your home,office,business etc. The purpose of skateboarding is to be FREE, RELAX and ENJOI LIFE, this should not stop when you remove the trucks and wheels it should always remain even when you can sit back and admire the art that you have manifested into a piece of happiness.  Others purchase boards for the material and financial purpose(collectors item) keeping the boards in the shrink wrap and displaying them as they come….there is nothing wrong with that, but where is the story? The excitement? The journey? Every board has a gnarly life and it is up to you to tell the biography of the board through the art that you make out of it!    SKATE EM’ PAINT EM’ HANG EM’ -TAENECK WALLHANGERS

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